• Pampers Premature Baby - The Long Awaited First Touch

Pampers Premature Baby - The Long Awaited First Touch

Client: Pampers 
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Shanghai
Year: 2018

Pampers - Long Awaited First Touch is a campaign done for Pampers China, to create awareness for the premature babies' tough conditions in the local hospitals. The brand has worked out a charity programme to help and protect preemie baby by donating the smallest diaper to the hospitals in China.

Premature babies in China will not be able to be with their mom right after birth. They need to be separated in the NICU, and parents can only call up to the hospital to know how is the baby condition. It's a very tough time for both baby and parents, especially the mom. Thus, Pampers is doing their part to provide the smallest preemie diaper, to protect these little angels until they finally meet and touch their mom for the first time. Other than a documentary video featuring true story, the campaign was also amplified by various social contents, hospital activations, and digital H5, to raise more awareness and support for preemie diapers donation.


Effie Awards Greater China 2019 - 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
ROI Awards China 2019 - Silver
Effie Awards (Asia Pacific) 2019 - Silver

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